Best kids baseball glove 2021. We test and review four of the best

You can quickly find the best kids baseball glove below:

Whether it’s Mookie Betts or Corey Seager, every member of the 2020 Word Series-winning Los Angeles Dodgers got their first glove at some point. It’s the first step for every baseball player. The right glove can put you on the road to be the next superstar in the MLB or set you up to show off during the long days of summer. As such, it’s vital to understand who offers the best kids baseball glove.

There is no better sound in sports than the ball coming off the bat before it flies into the stands for a home run. Hitting the ball like Mike Trout will give a kid more confidence than anything else in his life. But showing off a stylish glove while snatching that same home-run ball just before it goes into the stands is a close second.

Style is the individual’s preference, quality is not. That’s where we come in.

A 31.5-inch right hander’s glove made of 100% leather. This is a catcher’s glove made with style. The tan interior and black outer layer are complemented by traditional lacing to incorporate an old-school element into a new-school style. All Star is a trusted company, established over 60 years ago and now one of the leading brands in providing baseball equipment.

A 9.5-inch teeball glove designed for beginners. Franklin Sports specializes in creating products that bigger brands overlook. A regional company that offers cheap alternatives for parents of children who are just looking to try baseball out. This isn’t a glove that your child will use if they plays regular baseball but it is one that can be used in the backyard with mom or dad to play catch before they reach that point.

A company with a long history of providing quality products in football, basketball, baseball and other sports, Wilson is a trusted brand when it comes to sports equipment. The A200 lives up to that standard while also letting your child play with his favourite teams logo. A very sturdy glove that protects children through teeball and the early stages of baseball.

A specialist infielder glove from Rawlings that combines practicality and style to make for a lasting glove. This could be your child’s first glove or it could be his/her long-term glove through their little league career. It’s definitely a glove for serious players because of its price but its leather and quality manufacturing will make it last. This glove is built for infielders but would be effective for outfielders too.

What Size Kids Baseball Glove Should I Get?

Gloves are measured vertically from the bottom of the glove to the tip of the middle finger. Fit is vitally important. Children aged between four and six typically use a 10″ glove whereas a 10-year-old could need a glove as big as 13″. It’s better to select a glove that is slightly too big rather than trying to force the perfect fit.

Baseball gloves and players have a special relationship with each other. Like a golfer who uses a driver off the tee and a putter on the green, baseball players have different gloves depending on what position they play. If your child exclusively plays in the infield, they’ll want a smaller glove. If your child exclusively plays in the outfield, they’ll want a bigger glove.

Make Sure your kids baseball glove is Leather

Buying a new glove every month is a fast way to lose money and get frustrated. Getting the right glove first time around means making sure that the glove you buy is 100% leather. Not only is leather long-lasting but it can also be broken in by your child simply wearing it. That’s less effort for better value and a better product.

Make sure you check the tag before you buy. Then double-check it!

Do I need a left handed baseball glove or a right handed one?

Counter-intuitively, right-handed ballplayers wear gloves on their left hand and left-handed ball players wear gloves on their right hands. If your child is right-handed, you need to get them a “regular” glove. If your child is left-handed, you need to get them a “full-right” glove.

Baseball players catch the ball with their bad hand and throw it with their good hand. They can’t throw the ball from the gloved hand so while it may seem like it makes no sense, it makes perfect sense to baseball fans.

Catcher Safety

The catcher is unique in baseball. Catchers need to have their own purposely-crafted glove for protection because it’s the most dangerous position in the sport. It is bigger than all other gloves and has extra padding to catch pitches. The basket shape has closed webbing and is very strong.

While no children are throwing 100 miles an hour like MLB’s Jordan Hicks, the relative strength of pitches still poses a threat to a catcher who isn’t properly protected. All other positions can get away with using a versatile glove but catchers must use catcher-specific gloves.

Wrists And Backs

The best kids baseball glove will have a velcro strap that allows the player to adjust its fit during games. Further flexibility can be provided by gloves that don’t have any backs on the other side of the wrist. There is a trade-off though, as those gloves have less protection so you can buy gloves with backs. That comes down to personal preference.

My final thoughts on the best kids baseball glove

The All Star Youth Catchers glove is the best kids baseball glove. But it’s also a niche glove. It’s both expensive, so it’s only for serious players, and it can only be used by catchers. There is only one catcher on a baseball team and 10 other positions so chances are your kid is not a catcher. For every other position, the Rawlings Prodigy Series is the best kids baseball glove.

It’s an expensive initial payment. But that’s an investment. The glove becomes cheaper over time because it doesn’t need to be replaced. The Wilson A200 might last too but that’s less certain. The Rawlings Prodigy Series is the best-performing short-term glove and the only versatile glove that is certain to last from tee ball through little league.

You’ll love the safety it provides while your kid just loves the glove.

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